Grenache Noir Rosé Grape Marc

Exfoliating Action

The grape seeds and stems come from the Grenache Noir grape marc of Château de Berne.

Grenache Noir Rosé Grape Marc

Grape Seeds + Grape Skin + Stems (Skeleton of a grape cluster) = Dry residues resulting from pressing or crushing the grapes and the maceration process = GRAPE MARC.

In winemaking, grape marc is the dry residue resulting from pressing, which is waste from the production of wine and grape juice.

Pressing involves squeezing the grapes to extract the must or grape juice.

Pressing yields two parts :

1. The liquid used in wine production.
2. The other, solid part (waste), which constitutes grape marc.

Grape marc contains a variety of polyphenols (= antioxidants) to fight against the signs of aging. It is also known for its slimming and anti-cellulite action.

This active ingredient is present in