grappe de raisins pinot noir dans la main devant feuilles de vigne

A word from the founders

Édouard Damidot

"Heritage”, behind this word we find all that makes up the strength of Vinésime: the climats of Burgundy, the vines, the Pinot Noir and the blackcurrant. The latter is a precious berry worked by my family and which gave birth to the Kir brand.

To create the A2OC complex used in our products, we fused blackcurrant and Pinot Noir! The active ingredients in our products come from local partners, such as the René Bouvier estate, a family-run business with 30 hectares of vineyards exclusively in the Côte-de-Nuits. Through Vinésime, we want to promote the French art de vivre (art of living) and pass on the history of the Burgundy region. This exceptional region shines through its prestigious wines, but now also through our cosmetic and nutricosmetic products).

edouard damidot fondateur vinesime dans les vignes bourgogne

Marie Damidot

"Authenticity" is the guiding principle that has driven Vinésime since its creation and continues to orient the brand today. We find this authenticity in the active ingredients that make up our products.

Our A2OC active ingredient (a combination of Pinot noir and blackcurrant) protects the skin from the damage it is subjected to on a daily basis and stimulates it. Our cosmetic treatments made with precious active ingredients (BEAUTY OUT) are combined with the ÉLIXIR DE LA VIGNE, a vintage nutricosmetic formula that meets the same requirements in terms of effectiveness (BEAUTY IN). We don't just apply creams; we apply positive intention: to mobilise inner energy in order to radiate beauty on the outside. In my opinion, every day that goes by where we are not improving our products is a day lost.

marie damidot fondatrice vinesime dans les vignes de bourgogne

A2OC Complex

molécules complexe anti oyxdant et oxygenant cellulaire vinesime

Our ingredients


grappe de raisins pinot noir de bourgogne vinesime


cassis vinesime complexe a2oc