Extrait Millésimé de Chardonnay « Le Clos »

Vintage extract of Chardonnay "Le Clos »

Antioxidant action

Derived from the grape marc of the "Le Clos" vineyard located in Marsannay in Burgundy, it constitutes the core active ingredients of the Chardonnay body line. Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, it fights against free radicals. It helps to give elasticity to the skin and limits the effects of time. The Chardonnay vine in "Le Clos" benefited from the attention and demands of Bernard BOUVIER, allowing VINÉSIME to access a high-quality raw material, a true purity of expression.

The René BOUVIER estate, certified organic and ecological viticulture, aims for excellence to offer us all the nobility and freshness of this grape variety.

Since its inception, VINÉSIME has made the concept of "zero waste" a real guiding principle. This begins with the very composition of the products. The super powerful active ingredients of the Chardonnay grape are extracted from the grape marc, that is to say, the residues resulting from the pressing or crushing of the grapes. VINÉSIME develops processes to obtain extracts that are the most concentrated in active molecules.