Extrait de Bourgeons de Cassis Noir de Bourgogne

Extract of Blackcurrant Buds from Burgundy

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action

Derived from gemmotherapy, this active ingredient, along with Pinot Noir, makes up the A2OC complex. Recent research has revealed up to 43 different polyphenols, including flavonol glycosides and phenolic acids. All these polyphenols have the ability to block the oxidative action of free radicals that can attack the skin tissue, participate in its protection, and limit its aging. It should also be noted that Blackcurrant Bud Extract has the ability to stimulate both the skin G6PDH rate, a key enzyme involved in energy production from glucose, and mitochondrial respiration responsible for the production of ATP, which is the energy molecule used by our cells.

What is Gemmotherapy ?

First mentioned in the Middle Ages, gemmotherapy is an unconventional ancestral science belonging to the category of phytotherapy. It focuses on the use of embryonic tissues in growing plants. Thanks to Dr. HENRY, the "therapy of plant buds" has regained interest in the 20th century.

He hypothesized that the meristem, a plant tissue composed of rapidly dividing stem cells and representing the growth zone of the plant, contains all the energetic information and power of plants. The therapeutic qualities of blackcurrant added to ointments were proven by the famous abbess Hildegard VON BINGEN in the 13th century for the treatment of gout.

Blackcurrant has been cultivated since the 18th century, during which time blackcurrant gemmotherapy was recognized as the "elixir of life". Blackcurrant bud therapy was renowned as one of the most complete ways to strengthen the immune system while improving physical fitness and energy levels. Blackcurrant buds have 3 virtues in cosmetics :

1) Antioxidant
2) Energizing
3) Oxygenating

They are present in the A2OC complex. Thanks to VINÉSIME's expertise and the use of a specific extraction method, blackcurrant extract brings together, in a single active ingredient, the native and vital molecules concentrated at the heart of blackcurrant buds.

This active ingredient is present in