Precious cosmetics
based on the excellence of the Burgundy region

From Burgundy’s prodigal nature, Bourgogne Beauté develops “vintage-inspired” cosmetic extracts originating in prestigious vineyards, and combines them with extracts of fruits, flowers and plants such as the Burgundy Blackcurrant, Montmorency Cherry, Burgundy Truffle and many others…

VINÉSIME brings you the treasures of this exceptional terroir by creating exclusive skincare products derived from precious vineyards and their natural environment, rich in ingredients beneficial for the skin.

Welcome to a world ruled by the seasons and vintages forged by the unique climate of Burgundy. A world in which each product treats your senses to an exceptional experience, capitalising on the best that a unique terroir and producing estate have to offer.

Welcome to Burgundy.

Our products are unique, and so are you.


The founders

VINÉSIME is the fruit of the meeting of two enthusiasts:
Edouard Damidot, reviving his family’s tradition in blackcurrants, and Bernard Bouvier, following his family’s footsteps in the vineyard.

Their collaboration gave rise to the complex of star active ingredients in the VINÉSIME product range: A2OC* Burgundy Complex, the subtle alliance between vine and blackcurrant.

(*Anti-Oxidant and Cellular Oxygenator).


the signature of an exceptional region

A terroir

This is a story about viticulture constantly focused on excellence for nearly two millennia, and proud of a model dedicated to expressing the unique identity of a particular region and climate

An art de vivre

The passion for an art de vivre which respects nature and the traditional know-how



Vinésime with Polyphenols from “Le Clos” Chardonnay


“Le Clos” Chardonnay vines have benefited from the attentive care and demanding standards of Bernard Bouvier, offering VINÉSIME a raw material of the highest quality and purity of expression. Certified for its use of organic growing methods, Domaine René Bouvier aims for excellence, allowing us to enjoy the noble essence of this variety.



with Polyphenols from “Racines du temps” Pinot Noir

We have selected very old vines of Pinot Noir from Domaine René Bouvier, dating back over 80 years and located at the very heart of the Gevrey Chambertin region. They give rise each year to the Domaine’s flagship vintage named “Racines du Temps” – a subtle balance between strength and finesse.

We thus offer you a vintage-quality Pinot Noir extract with the aim of protecting skin cells, capable of helping limit the effects of oxidative stress and the appearance of visible signs of ageing.

Pinot Noir, the greatest of grape varieties


*Anti-Oxidant and Cellular Oxygenator

An unique complex of Pinot noir Vintage from Gevrey-Chambertin combined with Burgundy blackcurrant buds for a skin with incomparable radiance and enhanced beauty.

The spirit

All the splendour of the Burgundy region and its rich terroir, stemming from a unique botanical heritage and recognised know-how, to enhance beauty.

A deliciously sensory line of cosmetics, gentle on the skin and the environment from which it is derived, to offer you exceptional products.

Radiant Skin

Welcome to a world of radiance and beauty

Our refined skincare formulas awaken the senses and positive feelings as they enchant the skin.

The skin feels transformed and looks radiant! Amazing creams, silky serums, magnificent velvety-soft textures delicately pamper the skin with comfort and pleasure.

All textures are luminously beautiful, seemingly infused with sunlight.

The fragrances evoke the Burgundy terroir and provide an instant feeling of well-being for radiant-looking skin.